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19 March 2012 @ 08:18 pm
I haven't been very productive, but here's a post to show I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth... I'm just spending a tad bit too much time in Tamriel, and shipping my OC OTP.

Am watching Mirai Nikki, but the going is slow. It just doesn't hold my attention for long. Yuno is seriously whoa, and Yuki just barely avoids pissing the shit out of me. Barely. He's one lucky protagonist. 

Am also catching up on GoSICK. Stopped at about episode 10 some time ago. I'm daunted by the number of episodes though! And Victorique hasn't done her trademark laugh in like... 3 episodes. Sadface.

Planning to catch up on Guilty Crown. But I spoiled myself, and am kind of put off by the ridiculous plot. Still, the graphics are good and it's eye porn, so I'll eventually watch it anyway.

And to end off this small update, the collaboration LJ between crimsonhawke and myself is finally up! We'll be posting our Skyrim collab pretty soon, once everything is completed and I stop finding faults. Things are moving along at last (after, what, 4 months of planning)!

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28 October 2011 @ 08:09 pm
After I die, I'd like my body to be donated for medical research purposes. Or, if that's not possible, at least donate my organs to someone who needs them if my organs are suitable. I mean, I won't be around to use my body anymore, and it's a much better alternative than rotting in the ground or being cremated (thereby contributing to air pollution) and tossed into the sea. Yuck. Might as well do something useful with my body. 

That said, I hope my stuffed toys don't go into the bin. Some kid out there could probably offer Zippy and co. more love. Maybe I should include in my will a list of beneficiaries of my stuffed toys...
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25 October 2011 @ 08:40 am
Level cap for Dragon Nest SEA is now 32! I am not a very hardcore gamer, so I'm kinda stuck at level 29, lamenting the pathetic amount of exp a dungeon run gives, even with the board quest. I'm just being lazy.

Anyway, I spent the better bit of my time modding Dragon Age II. I intended to do it a few months after DA2 was released, but somehow never got to it until now... for the fun of it, I'll list the mods I found useful (or just plain nice). 

Chargen Revamp
Oh yes! Finally able to modify Hawke's preset face and get a pretty Hawke! 'Nuff said.

Save Generator for Dragon Age 2
This is a lifesaver. No more spending 60+ hours of gameplay on Dragon Age: Origins just to get an ending you'd like to see the effects of in Dragon Age 2. Of course it defeats the purpose of playing DA: O, but if you just want to see the changes in Hawke's world based on your choices in DA: O, then... this is for you!

Better Combat - DA2
As the name says. It overhauls the combat system mechanics to create more synergy between classes, allowing for better gameplay. I'm not a technical person and I haven't played my new save file enough to see the difference, but from the looks of the modifications, it sure is better.

Dalls Gear - RogueMageWarrior
PRETTY EQUIPMENT MODS. What's interesting is that the equipment have lore of their own, so when they're added to the game you'll get the relevant codex. Love the thought.

Dalls Weapons
Replaces the weapon textures in DA2 with higher quality ones. I love aesthetics, yes. Dalls has a whole lot of replacement textures for NPC faces, companions and so on. The files are separate though, and I'm more concerned about how Hawke looks, so you'll have to go digging if you want to replace Aveline's face, for instance.

Anthracite Robes
PRETTY EQUIPMENT FOR MAGES (and rogues). 'Nuff said.

Amell Ancestral Arms
Pretty robes and armor for Hawke. There's also an optional mod download to swap what Hawke wears at home with the mod's robes. 

Lastly, Dragon Age Nexus - the site where I found these - has a lot more mods. It's not very user-friendly when searching for certain mods per se, but it works and it's full of awesome stuff.

Okay. Back to class.
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02 October 2011 @ 12:54 pm

For a short while. Been stuck at level 24 for the past month or so but I haven't weaned myself off Dragon Nest yet, why?! Anyway here's a quick update of everything I've been swooning over. And stuff.

Skyrim, because I PRE-ORDERED THIS. And I wasn't going to pre-order. Obviously all it takes is one small A4-size sign saying "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - pre-order available now!" to change my mind.

Kalafina is coming to Singapore this year! I AM SO FUDGING EXCITED AND  THE 1-DAY VIP TICKET FOR 13 NOV CAN BE BOOKED ON 8TH OCT. 13 NOV. They are performing at Anisong AND I WILL GET THAT VIP TICKET I SWEAR because it's Kalafina and. It's Kalafina. Kalafina is awesome. Kalafina is good. ASLDKHSDKASLKDSKHLDA IT'S KALAFINA.

After Eden is a beautiful album. Eden is a beautiful song. I CANNOT STOP LISTENING HOW CAN SOMETHING SO GORGEOUS EXIST

Dragon Nest isn't as addictive as it was in the first few weeks, but hell I just keep going back. There's something about wanting to hit 1k gold and getting that Almost Won The Lotto title that drags me there...

Persona 2: Innocent Sin was ported for the PSP and has been fighting with Pokemon for my time. LOCALIZED AT LAST. Spent 3 hours wandering around the stupid bomb shelter before the scene finally triggered. Am now stuck in the caracol. HOLY SHIT CAN THEIR DUNGEONS BE ANY EASIER TO NAVIGATE? I am so lost it's not even funny. Story seems a teeny bit ridiculous at the moment but still acceptable nonetheless... I'll wait to see how they tie the two main stories together before commenting further.

USS was fun. Unfortunately I was way too scared to try the Cylon track of the Battlestar Galactica ride. I think I'll wait for a dare or something. BUT IT'S 20 STOREYS HIGH AND YOUR FEET ARE DANGLING AND IT HAS A CORKSCREW AND A LOOP I am gutless.

Did a cover of Forgotten Sorrow! It was pretty fun. The video-editing was not. I gave up on syncing halfway because iMovie is an ass, and Final Cut Pro a much bigger ass. I recorded it in the middle of the night and my aunt thought it was a ghost singing. She was terrified. Heh... I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a compliment, but... 

I have not been writing original, publishable stuff. Period. I think I'm going to change my prospective line of work when I graduate. No more creative writing at university level, please, and thank you.
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06 September 2011 @ 06:56 pm
Wow, haven't written anything in a while. Dragon Nest has been claiming my time and my life. Finally hit the level cap on my Force User - can't wait for a cap increase. The Majesty/Majestic Chaos class looks so awesome I don't know where to begin.

No idea why it's so fun though, it's nothing exeptionally special - except for the flashy, eyegasmic graphics and the action-themed gameplay I guess. It feels good to play a game like that every now and then. 

I think I'll see if someone did Dragon Nest LJ icons...
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07 August 2011 @ 08:33 pm
What are you studying or did you study in school? Is it related to what you want to do for your career?

I'm studying creative writing and psychology, and regretting it. I guess putting the word 'school' into anything you love makes you lose interest in it eventually. It's actually sort of related to my dream career - I want to write for a living. Psychology is kind of a backup because I do like the idea of working in a mental institution. As long as I don't have to deal with kids, I'm fine. This extra course that I'm taking focuses a little more on developmental psychology and application of it to business, so I'm kind of regretting it too. Guess I'm just too flighty for my own good.
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27 July 2011 @ 08:44 pm
What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten (and want to share with other LJ users)?

All things become clear upon death.

When nothing is clear or I can't make up my mind, I close my eyes and think, what if I die today? What will I regret, and what will I want to have done? 

It puts things into perspective. If I have to choose between a late night out with acquaintances or family, I'll think in terms of that. Then it becomes clear. It might seem extreme, but on hindsight I don't have many things I regret. That said, the advice doesn't stop me from feeling down at times, but it really helps a lot in making my choices in life.
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26 July 2011 @ 07:20 pm
 I'm supposed to be writing story beats for the CA, but... I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this concept a year ago. It just looks crappy to me. Oh well, let's just say it's break time.

Writing act two of a story is, personally, the worst. You have to flesh out the story, develop character relationships and subplots, build the world in which the characters live, and so on... all while holding the reader's attention. And it can't be too long, because then you lose interest; but it can't be that short either, because then the impact of the climax and pay-offs wouldn't be at its fullest. 

Being able to gauge that is one skill good authors have, I suppose.

Sometimes I think I'm not cut out for this writing business, though I love writing dearly. You can't separate a writer from me, but I'm not that brilliant either. Sometimes it feels like I'll never make it in the real world because I can never finish stuff. My lecturer says that a first draft is the worst ever and should only be seen by the writer, but what if one can't even make it to the end of that first draft? 

Ideas come and go. The world and characters develop around that concept. Development is the most painful process, I feel. Sometimes the idea is so great, you just want to whack it in prose, but without the background information it would just seem shallow.

But I digress. Back to story beating I go. 
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24 July 2011 @ 12:20 am
To be honest, I hate writing first/introductory posts. No one will find it once you fill up the pages (besides, I almost always deviate from my original ideas for each journal/blog), but while you only have one or two posts, this is what everyone is going to look at. That said, this will be personal. Though I'll be tempted to post icons every now and then. I haven't kept a personal journal in quite some time; maybe it's time I start chronicling my life once again. 

So there. I have written my first post, and hopefully the rest will be better.
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